kate hoff


Kate is the President of Weidman. She has more than two decades of fundraising and nonprofit organization management experience.  Kate's professional and volunteer board service has exposed her to local food and farming, climate change, animal welfare, rural issues, environmental issues, agriculture, trade, health (especially as linked to food and climate), democracy and governance, international issues, fair trade, justice, human rights, advocacy, and the arts (visual and performing). Kate has worked on board development and strategic planning.

Things you might not know about Kate: She is extremely good at sourcing things via the Internet, Craig’s List, and estate sales. She gets things done. She excels at finding typos, Internet stalking and discretion. She's traveled all over the planet. A colleague once called Kate “concierge to the world.” She has absolutely no desire to run an organization, but can assist those who do. She's an excellent matchmaker, researcher, connector and creative problem solver. She has particular talent in understanding and managing complex situations and relationships. She has many opinions about the state of philanthropy and its impact on progressive change making. 

BA Sociology, Augsburg College
Master of Arts in Public Administration, Nonprofit Management, Hamline University

kate@weidman.us  612-242-5283